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Your Galapagos Experience
Leaving the world a better place

Leaving the world a better place

Simply landing on a beautiful island is one thing. Getting it know its heart, history, and secrets is quite another. That’s the kind of in-depth experience our naturalist guides create for you. They are, quite simply, some of the best in the Galapagos.

Experts in everything from science to tourism, they have spent years on these islands and some were raised in the region. Not only will they give you a unique view from an ecologic and geologic perspective, but also a personal view of what it’s like growing up in such a special place.

Keeping the Galapagos Pristine

Galapagos on Celebrity Cruises

Certified Naturalists

Each guide on our Galapagos sailings will be on board during your entire vacation. They’re certified by the Galapagos National Park, recognizing their extensive educational training and commitment to maintaining the pristine nature of these islands. They are the real difference between an ordinary vacation and an extraordinary journey.

Galapagos on Celebrity Cruises

Environmental Stewardship

We don’t just love visiting here – we are passionate about preserving it. In fact, we’ve done so much to leave these islands virtually untouched that Ecuador’s Secretary of Tourism holds Celebrity Cruises® as the standard of excellence for reducing our carbon footprint.

Galapagos on Celebrity Cruises

Leaving the World a Better Place

We’re passionately focused on preserving the environment and partner with local organizations to create programs designed to improve the quality of life for the residents of the Galapagos Islands. Since 2014, working in collaboration with the Galapagos National Park and our Naturalists, our guests have planted more than 16,000 Scalesia Trees in support of the Scalesia Restoration Effort.

It’s Different through the Eyes of an Expert

To further enhance your Galapagos experience, we’ve partnered with world-renowned marine scientist, and our regional destination expert, Dr. Ellen Prager. Dr. Prager’s fascinating career has taken her from research expeditions in the Galapagos to popular television shows.

She knows these islands’ innermost secrets, their famous inhabitants and their unique bridge from past to future. She’s created informative films and on board presentations and worked with our shore excursion teams to create unique experiences that will bring the islands to life for you, connecting their importance in history to today’s environmental and scientific issues.

Dr. Ellen Prager

Well-known marine and earth scientist and author of numerous popular science books, Dr. Ellen Prager serves as the science advisor to Celebrity Xpedition®, Celebrity Xperience℠, and Celebrity Xploration℠, assisting with on board programming and content, naturalist training, conservation efforts, and excursion planning.

Leaving the World a Better Place

When you love traveling the planet as much as we do, being its steward is paramount. We are passionately focused on preserving our environment and are proud to partner with worldwide organizations that are equally as passionate.

Together, we’ll be focused on the oceans, supporting work to conserve everything from coral reefs (home to 25% of all ocean life) to coastal wildlife. It just makes sense. We love everything about the oceans (which is why we vacation on them), and we want to do everything we can to conserve them for you and future generations.


Flora on Celebrity Cruises

Low-Impact Travel

Your entire Galapagos experience practices the highest levels of environmental stewardship. For example, the chocolate placed on your pillow is from an local company that sources its cacao from small local producers.

Stewardship in Galapagos on Celebrity Cruises

The “Galapagos Tomato”

We’ve constructed greenhouses and provided additional support for local farmers’ associations through organic agriculture initiatives. One result of this process has been the creation of the hybrid “Galapagos tomato,” which is now served along with other organic, locally sourced produce on all our Galapagos sailings.

Daily Catch on Celebrity Cruises

The “Daily Catch”

We’ve led the effort to create a fishing co-op that allows local fishermen to have a safe, clean processing plant in which to prepare, store, and more efficiently sell their catch. Today, we serve their deliciously fresh, locally sourced “daily catch” on board.

The Galapagos Fund on Celebrity Cruises

The Galapagos Fund

With the creation of The Galapagos Fund, we give our guests the opportunity to have a direct and lasting impact on the preservation of the rare and species-rich marine, wildlife, and plant ecosystem. Since 2006, Celebrity and our guests have contributed over $1.5 million to this fund and other projects in the islands.


Galapagos on Celebrity Cruises

10 & 11 Night

Celebrity Xpedition Outer Loop cruise with Quito, Ecuador


Galapagos on Celebrity Cruises

15 Night

Celebrity Xpedition Outer Loop cruise with Machu Picchu, Peru


Galapagos on Celebrity Cruises

10 & 11 Night

Celebrity Xpedition Inner Loop cruise with Quito, Ecuador


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