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South America
Experience the Diverse and Ancient Cultures of South America & the pristine beauty of Antarctica

On any of our South American cruises you will discover a combination of tropical mystery, soaring mountains, glaciers and unconventional European influence. Sail to South America with new-to-class destinations including, Buenos Aires, Argentina, and Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, as well as paying a unique visit to Antarctica along the way.

You might choose to experience the traditions and customs of Arica, Chile. Taste fresh, succulent olives at Arica’s world-famous olive oil production farm, before discovering other culinary delights at Asoagro market. Continue with a trip to Poblado artisanal handicraft village to treat yourself (or a loved one) to a unique Chilean treat.


Each destination will be brought to life on board with cultural experiences such as Argentine Tango classes and authentic Latin American cuisine and vintage tastings. Guests will get a taste of the local culture, embarking on the iconic chef-led Uniquely Celebrity Shore Excursions, Chef’s Market Discoveries, in various countries across South America, including Argentina and Uruguay.

With so much to see and do, you will find yourself coming back to South America on a cruise again and again. It is easy to lose yourself in the many worlds that sit cheek-to-cheek on this vibrant continent. From the icy blue of glaciers in the Antarctic to the emerald green of thick rainforests, a cruise to South America offers some of the most incredible and captivating experiences on earth.


Your bucket list is incomplete if you haven’t been to these fabulous destinations

Elephant Island

Step back in time and discover the tiny island where Sir Ernest Shackleton and his crew found themselves after losing their ship, the Endurance, in the Weddell Sea in 1914.

Paradise Bay

Home to spectacular mountains such as Rojas Bryde Peak and the Petzvol Glacier, within these waters you may also see Minke whales feeding while Gentoo penguins look on.

Buenos Aires

In the Paris of South America, you’ll find the oldest barrio - San Telmo. Try the tango and the chorizo sausage. Visit an estancia (ranch) to see cowboy horsemanship at its best.

Cape Horn

Tierra del Fuego, Land of Fire, is the most isolated place in the Americas, and Cape Horn is its southernmost point. These cliffs and windswept shores have a stark and rugged beauty.

Straits of Magellan

You’ll navigate this strait, named after the ambitious Portuguese explorer, Ferdinand Magellan. It’s the only available crossing between the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans, with the exception of the Panama Canal..


Dramatic and spontaneous - writers, painters and philosophers have long been drawn to Latin America’s best-kept secret. Ascend flights of chaotic hills laced together by funiculars and sinuous stairways.


They may not be as famous as Machu Picchu, but the great pre-Colombian ruins of Huaca Pucllana have a big advantage – they’re right in the middle of this city.

Pisco, San Martin

Travel through San Martin to discover the peaceful valley town of Pisco, which sustained pre-Columbian societies for thousands of years. It’s a haven for wildlife, so don’t forget your camera.

Schollart Channel & Dalhan Bay

Cruise through Schollart Channel and take in massive ice flows, humpback whales and waddling penguins, as well as leopard seals in their natural element. It’s a paradise for nature lovers.


The wilds of South America are not the only thing to discover though – world-class city experiences are also on offer, with vibrant street life that is sustained by a passion for music, food and good times. Whether dancing in the streets or enjoying entertainment on board your contemporary Celebrity Cruises® ship, you are guaranteed never to forget the experience.

The landscape is so varied; you will not know where to look first on one of our South American cruises. As the capital of Peru, Lima is steeped in both history and impressive geology. Climb one of the nearby hills or stroll the streets of this recognizably European colonial city.

Another city with a fascinating heritage is Manta, Ecuador. Exploring the city and the nearby Parque Nacional Machalilla, you will be mesmerised by the natural spectacles – from the nesting seabird to the cloud forests and traces of ancient cultures.


As you head to the south of the continent, you will stop at Buenos Aires in Argentina. In this cosmopolitan city enjoy traversing the broad thoroughfares, dining on traditional cuisine and visiting the city’s oldest monument, the Pirámide de Mayo.

For a truly unforgettable experience, head to Antarctica’s Paradise Bay, where you will find mountains such as Rojas Peak and wildlife including Gentoo penguins and Minke whales – it is a bay that truly lives up to its name.

Each port of call gives you the chance to investigate the area at your own pace, or opt for an organised trip to experience a unique side of this entrancing continent.


Experience Modern Luxury in every aspect of your holiday


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Experience Modern Luxury in every aspect of your holiday

Celebrity Infinity offers a whole host of exciting and contemporary features. A proud member of our Millennium Class, Celebrity Infinity will take you sailing in style to both South America and Northern Europe.

Put simply, Celebrity Infinity is the trendiest hot spot at sea. This star of the Millennium Class shines even brighter thanks to her recent grand makeover. Expect gleaming new staterooms, enhanced public areas and freshness at the highest levels – literally – on the chic Rooftop Terrace. It’s home to A Taste of Film, where you can cosy down and catch an al fresco movie in intimate, comfortable surroundings. Grab yourself some themed drinks and snacks, and enjoy a show under the stars!

When you’re not onshore exploring exciting destinations, use your cruise on Celebrity Infinity to discover new culinary experiences. The cosy, rustic Tuscan Grille restaurant is the ultimate place for fresh pastas, dry-aged steaks and Italian cocktails.

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